Cricket Players of India | It’s a cliché’, but let’s say this another time. Cricket in India isn't just a game; it’s a faith. And Indians don’t call those that play cricket players; they call them gods.

Cricket and Indians are in an open love affair; every win is enjoyed sort of a festival, and each loss means a dark day or two. With the 2019 Cricket World Cup just days away, now's an honest time to speak about some Indian legends of the sport, especially since some are calling them favorites to become subsequent champions.

Here may be a list of the Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India. This particular list doesn’t rank the players because you can’t rank the gods; every god has his own class. Additionally, all of the players listed here are alive and healthy; some are even a part of a current team, which makes this list even more interesting.

Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India :

1. Sachin Tendulkar
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Sachin Tendulkar
We shouldn’t mention anyone else on this list of the top 10 greatest cricket players of india before Sachin Tendulkar. he's called the “god of cricket” not only in India but also in most other countries where cricket is played. He's the primary international cricketer in history to hit a “century of centuries.” He also hit the primary double hundred of the sport. He has been a part of countless Indian wins, the foremost famous being the ultimate within the 2011 Cricket World Cup. He has the very best number of runs in both Tests and ODI matches.

The “little master” started playing internationally at the young age of 16 and enjoyed an illustrious career of over 20 years until he retired in 2013. He has been awarded India’s highest civil award, the Bharat Ratna. Even after his retirement, his stardom and fan following aren’t dwindling. Sachin is and can likely remain the most important god of cricket in India and beyond.

2. Sunil Gavaskar
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Sunil Gavaskar
Regarded as the simplest opening batsman of all time, Sunil Gavaskar ruled the planet of cricket during the 70s and 80s. Even the simplest players of the sport (such as Sir Garry Field Sobers) mentioned him because of the most prolific batsman of the time. He scored 774 runs on his début. Most batsmen need quite 10 matches to urge near this score.

3. Kapil Dev
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Kapil Dev
The Indian soil hasn’t been very fertile for bowlers. Only a couple of bowlers could earn an edge among the top 10 greatest cricket players of india, and among them, one man stands tall. India will always remember Kapil Dev, for he was the captain of the team that brought the primary World Cup to India in 1983. he's considered one among the best all-around cricketers of all time. Kapil Dev is that the only cricketer in history to attain quite 5,000 runs and take 400 wickets. His gameplay was an ideal mixture of class and ferociousness. Although Kapil was a star performer with the bat, his bowling was what made him really stand out.

4. M.S. Dhoni
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
M.S. Dhoni
There was a drought for Indian fans for over 30 years until one man, the so-called “Captain Cool,” rose to the occasion and brought home not one but two World Cups for the country. He was captain of the side when India won the T20 World Cup 2007 against arch-rival Pakistan. Again within the 2011 Cricket World Cup, M.S. Dhoni led the Indian team from the front once they became world champions. He earned the match of the match award within the World Cup final. He has single-handedly won many tight matches for India and is understood for his long sixes and signature “Helicopter Shot.” Although he has retired, he still represents India briefly formats of the sport.

5. Virat Kohli
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Virat Kohli
When Dhoni retired from the captain’s role, Virat Kohli was the natural choice of the selectors to steer India altogether three formats. Virat Kohli has had a blistering start to his career and has never looked back. he's breaking record after record, and other people have already started comparing him to greats of the sport, like Sachin Tendulkar. He leads by example, puts his best to the sport and expects an equivalent from his teammates. he's undoubtedly one among the simplest cricket players of the age, and it should be no surprise for Indian fans that he has earned a spot among the top 10 greatest cricket players of india list, surpassing many other giants in such a brief span of your time.

6. Rahul Dravid
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Rahul Dravid
He was called “The Wall,” and rightly so because whenever the Indian team got into trouble, they might easily bank on the resilience and grit of this man. His mysteriously calm demeanor in tough situations led the Indian team to safely range in the toughest of storms. Rahul Dravid was a category performer for India altogether formats of the sport.

His current role in Indian cricket is mentoring future stars of the sport. He coaches India’s Under 19 Cricket team, and you'll see his impact from the very fact that the junior Indian team is that the current world champion within the Under 19 league.

7. Saurav Ganguly
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Saurav Ganguly
When Saurav Ganguly was on the team, it appeared like he was born to steer. “Dada,” as he's dearly called in India, has been one among the foremost successful Indian captains of all time. the present dominant position of Indian cricket on the planet stage is essentially regarded as Ganguly’s forward-thinking decisions and team-building skills. it had been not just his wise decisions; he also loved to steer from the front. he's the sole player to receive four Man of the Match awards on the trot. He was an attacking batsman with the power to hit long sixes and dominate bowlers no matter their speed or swing.

8. Anil Kumble
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble is that the highest wicket-taking bowler for India and only the third-highest wicket-taker within the history of the sport. He was so committed to the sport that when during a match, a ball hit him within the face and broke his jaw. His injury couldn’t keep him far away from the sport, and he decided to continue twiddling with a bandage holding his face together. His bowling technique and his unflinching commitment to the sport won the hearts of the many Indian fans.

9. Virender Sehwag
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag was as fast as anyone within the at some point matches and even faster in Tests (played over five days). He’s a robust opening batsman who started with a flourish right from the primary delivery and sometimes took the sport faraway from opponents right at the beginning of the matches. He features a record of the fastest triple century in Tests. Critics often tried to downplay him for his lack of foot movements and proper technique, but he silenced them every single time together with his star performances.

10. Yuvraj Singh
Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh is best known within the cricket world for his six sixes in an over against Stuart Broad of England. He hit the fastest T20 50 within the same game. He has been a pillar of the Indian batting middle order for several years, and despite being a natural destructive batsman, he has remained calm in situations where it had been most required. He also bowls with a left-arm spin and is a superb fielder, making him a crucial asset for the team.

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So these were the Top 10 Greatest Cricket Players of India. Tell us about your favorite cricketer within the comments down below.

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